“Advance Physical Therapy is about empowering individuals to reach their highest level of recovery.”

What to Expect

Whether you are a first time patient or a patient that is familiar with physical therapy care, we believe that our approach is uniquely different from what you might have experienced.


The initial evaluation is approximately one hour and is comprised of a thorough analysis of your medical history and physical examination. The assessment involves a thorough analysis of your muscle and joint range of movements, areas of pain and compensatory movements, muscle strength and weakness, neurological screening and functional limitations. Subsequent treatment visits are approximately 60 to 75 minutes and involve hands-on treatment (soft tissue and/or joint mobilization), supervised exercises, modalities and a home exercise program. You will consistently work with the same physical therapist through all your treatments to ensure continuity of care. Your therapist will explain to you what your injury condition is, how treatment will progress to resolve your problem, what you should do to assist in healing, what activities you should not do, and what your prognosis will be. You will be given a prescribed home exercise program which is tailored to your needs and will change as you progress through each treatment session.


At Advance Physical Therapy, Inc., our treatment approach emphasizes manual therapy, supervised exercise, and patient education. Our goal is to help you heal quickly and restore you back to your normal activities of daily living, work, sports, hobbies, and recreational activities. The more that we educate you about your condition, the better you will be at managing and preventing further injury in the future.

Our rehabilitation focuses on decreasing pain, edema, and muscle guarding to improve joint motion. As you improve, your exercise program changes to maximize proper tissue healing at each stage. Your exercise is tailored to meet your needs for proper coordination, endurance, retraining motor patterns, balance, speed, agility, and strength. We will guide you through your transition from exercise for rehabilitation to exercise for health maintenance, weight management, cardiovascular health, athletic performance, and overall wellness.

We are always available to answer your questions even after you have been discharged from our services. Our goal is to help you stay active and injury free.

“In one word… AMAZING!!! I’ve had chronic back and leg pain since age 12. I’ve seen numerous PT’s, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, pain management doctors and have gone through a major surgery…None of which solved my problem… Until I met the therapists at Advance Physical Therapy. I’m pain free for the first time in 15 years! This place is incredibly professional and they know their stuff.”
John S.

Our greatest reward is knowing that what we do best transforms lives with a renewed zest for living pain free.