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Many of you have expressed great interest and enthusiasm for the health and wellness knowledge that we share during treatment sessions.  At Advance Physical Therapy Inc, we believe that optimal healing occurs through making educated choices and feeling empowered to act on those choices.  Even after your course of physical therapy care has concluded, we’ll continue to partner with you in making positive changes in your health.  We are happy to share with you insightful topics and resources related to physical therapy, health and fitness, injury prevention, and nutrition. Please let us know if there are any topics or questions that you would like us to answer in our newsletters. You can Follow us on Facebook for all our newsletters and tips on healthful living. You can link to our newsletters below:

January – Alternative Medicine Approach, Conquering the Sedentary Lifestyle, Immune System Supplements – Buyers Beware

February – US Surgeon General: PT is Key Player in the Fight Against Opioid Misuse, Scar Tissue Treatment, Tips to Avoid Neck Strain At the Counter

March – Yes or No to Cortisone Injections, Fall Prevention Exercises, Tips to Fall Proof Your Home, Benefits of Fish Oil

April – Benefits of Yoga & Pilates, Risks of High Intensity Interval Training, Shoulder Sling or Not?

May – Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Low Back Pain, Arthritis Awareness Month, Patellofemoral Grind and Knee Arthritis

June – Motor Imagery – A Published Research, Journey to a Healthy Life, Achieve Better Balance, Wellness Through Nature

July – Better Product Choices for Your Health, Truth Behind the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Difference Between Soreness vs. Pain

August – The Key to Hydration, Podcast – A Journey Out of Pain, How to Find the Best Walking Shoe

September – Interested in Pilates? Is Fasting Beneficial? A Diet to Live By, Fall Prevention Awareness

October – Pilates Class Update, 9 Things to Know About Aging Well, Prepare for the Flu, How Much Physical Activity Should You Do?

November – Pets and Your Health, 3 Ways PT Treatment Can Manage Headaches, PT Treatment Lowers Odds of Opioid Use, What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

December – Tapping Technique for Wellness, Hip & Knee Exercises to Reduce Kneecap Pain, Benefits for Cryotherapy, Exercise Guidelines for Post Cancer Treatment

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