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Alton Ching, DPT, OMT, MSPT

Dr. Alton Ching established Advance Physical Therapy, Inc. in 2007 with the goal of building a community of specialized clinicians dedicated to providing the highest level of physical therapy care, education, and outreach to the community.

Dr. Ching has extensive experience in human biomechanics, anatomy, and exercise physiology after earning his Bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science from UC Davis in 1995 and Masters in Physical Therapy degree from the University of the Pacific in 1998. He continued his advanced training and completed his doctoral residency and board certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT) in 2002 from the Ola Grimsby Institute and received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (DPT) in 2003 from the Ola Grimsby Institute.

Dr. Ching served as a research consultant with the UC Davis Medical Center and the Orthopedic Surgery physicians on improving surgical techniques focused on “Pedicle Screw Salvage and Repair of Lumbar Vertebral Fractures.” He presented the clinical findings at local and regional Orthopedic Surgery consortiums and developed rehabilitation programs to treat patients following lumbar fracture surgery.

He has developed cardiac rehabilitation programs for post-operative care and maintenance programs for Phase I to Phase III patients at the UC Davis Adult Fitness Center and at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco.

Dr. Ching has served as the rehabilitation and ergonomics consultant for UCSF Millberry Fitness Center and for their staff of athletic trainers, personal trainers, and administrators.

He has been involved with establishing outpatient physical therapy practices specializing in orthopedic manual therapy in the Bay Area. He has established consultative relationships with biotechnology, sports medicine, nutrition and corporate companies. He continues to provide workshops for preventive injury care and screening for medical groups, physicians, Team in Training, corporations in Silicon Valley, sports teams, school institutions, and the local community.

Deanne Smith, DPT, MPT, COMT, MS

Dr. Deanne Smith offers a comprehensive approach to physical therapy practice that combines advanced manual therapy training and scientifically-prescribed therapeutic exercise.

Dr. Smith received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Biological Sciences from Wellesley College in 1986 and her Master of Science degree in Physical Education/Exercise Physiology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1991.

With her extensive science background in physiology, Dr. Smith implemented research methodology at Stanford Center for Disease Prevention studying “The Effects of Exercise and Erythropoietin In Hemodialysis Patients,” and provided data for maximal exercise testing, muscle strength, muscle biopsies, and lactate analysis for participants. She served as the Clinical Exercise Physiologist in the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Departments for several hospitals including El Camino Hospital. She prescribed exercise programs, provided continuing education on chronic disease management for medical staff, and provided patient counseling on exercise and behavior modification.

Dr. Smith received her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Samuel Merritt College in 2002.  She continued her advanced orthopedic specialty training in the Australian approach to physical therapy evaluation and treatment, completed the Australian Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Year-Long program in 2005, served as an assistant instructor for this course in Redwood City, CA., and became certified as an Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) in 2008. In 2012, she completed a clinical mentorship with the Kaiser Permanente Fellowship Program in Advanced Orthopedic Manual Therapy and received a manual therapy certification, Level III. Dr. Smith completed her transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy from The University of Montana in April 2018.

More recently, Dr. Smith has been furthering her clinical specialty and interest in pain management. Her understanding of pain physiology and application of cutting-edge research has enabled her to provide patients with more effective treatment outcomes to resolve and minimize pain. She has been successful at identifying factors that cause the “vicious pain cycle” and at providing the necessary interventions to effectively break the pain cycle. By implementing a more scientific, evidence-based approach, she believes that physical therapists are the ideal health professionals to treat the complexities of chronic pain.

Dr. Smith enjoys counseling and guiding her patients with fun exercise strategies to help them reach their specific health goals, whether it is weight reduction, cardiovascular disease risk factor reduction, pain-free living or achieving overall fitness.

Shannon Chen, DPT, BS

Dr. Shannon Chen attended Valley City State University where she was a student-athlete and a member of the women’s basketball team; she graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2009 with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Dr. Chen has been involved in neuroscience research focused on patients with focal hand dystonia and volunteered at local medical clinics for the underserved inner city population. She has extensive experience treating patients in various physical therapy settings that include home health physical therapy, outpatient orthopedics and corporate fitness and wellness settings. At the Silicon Valley corporate wellness center, Dr. Chen has helped their employees recover from injury necessary to return to work and addressed ergonomic deficits in order to minimize re-injury.

Dr. Chen continues to integrate her knowledge of exercise, manual therapy and orthopedics into a holistic approach to care. Her special areas of interest include sports and running-related injuries and helping the active patient return to their activity of choice. She combines manual therapy with exercise instruction and patient education in order to help patients recover from injury and meet their goals .

Sneha Kadkol, MPTh, PT

Sneha completed her Bachelors of Physical Therapy degree from The University of Mumbai. She developed an interest working in the acute and subacute hospital  settings inclusive of the intensive care, burn and pediatric care units. Along with her acute care physical therapy training, she managed to integrate a variety of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise techniques to effectively treat acute and subacute patients.

Sneha continued her specialization in orthopedic physical therapy and completed her Masters in Physical Therapy from The University of Mumbai in 2005 with an emphasis in Orthopedic Physical therapy. She became an Assistant Professor in Orthopedics from 2005-2007 for multiple colleges in Bangalore.
After moving to the Bay Area, she completed her clinical internship at Advance Physical Therapy, Inc.  and brought her clinical expertise to our team.

Sneha believes that learning is a never ending quest and she always considers herself fortunate to be in this profession to help people achieve their highest level of wellness.

Becca L. Matalon, DPT, PT

Dr. Becca Matalon’s journey into the medical field began in high school as a Student Athletic Trainer. There she realized the reward of restoring individuals to full health and wellness and helping them reach their functional and recreational goals. This experience put her on the path to physical therapy where she achieved her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Kinesiology at Saint Mary’s College of California.

Dr. M (as we call her) also earned certifications in personal training, Zumba, Pilates, and Reiki healing, while finalizing two AA degrees in Social and Behavioral Sciences and Natural Sciences. Dr. M took part in internships and employment in various physical therapy clinics in California and Georgia before moving across the country to pursue her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Elon University in North Carolina.

During her Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at Elon, Dr. M discovered a passion for research and innovation as she spearheaded independent research studies in motor imagery. Ultimately, she created and copyrighted a novel form of motor practice, Therapeutic Motor Imagery, which led her to local and national conference presentations and to clinical application in the state of Alaska.

Today, Dr. M has moved back to her home state of California and has found a happy home with Advance PT. Dr. M continues to implement her infinite zest for holistic wellness through her research and work with motor imagery, her knowledge and passion for dance and Pilates, and her growing journey with Reiki and energy healing.

For your mind, body, and soul… I wish you blissful health & wellness! Namaste.

Cory Low

Cory graduated from San Jose State University majoring in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Rehabilitation Sciences in 2017. He was Vice President of the SJSU Kinesiology Ambassador Club. Cory is also an active member of the SJSU Pre-Physical Therapy Club as well as Men’s Club Volleyball Team. Cory’s background in athletics, human body, and his passion for helping other in facilitating with rehab as a PT aide has inspired him to become a future physical therapist. 

Ever since Cory began working at APT, he firmly believes that there’s a solution for every problem. Everyone can regain proper function, strength, mobility and live a healthier lifestyle.

Cory will be pursuing his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree at Western University in Pomona this coming Fall as well as obtain his certification in personal training and strength and conditioning.

On his free time, Cory enjoys weightlifting, playing basketball/volleyball, and watching his top 3 TV shows: The Walking Dead, Power and Arrow.  He’s also a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors. Go DUBS!


Yamato Futura

Yamato graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology in 2016.  He was an active officer of the pre-physical therapy club at SJSU and has been assisting the Biomechanics department with injury prevention research and training for college level gymnasts. 

Yamato enjoys skateboarding in his free time and teaches skate classes for children on the weekends.  His passion for skateboarding is what sparked his interest in rehabilitation after witnessing and experiencing multiple injuries related to the sport.  He aims to pursue his Doctorate in Physical Therapy to help people regain and maintain mobility so they can continue to do the things they love.

Kimberly Pega

Kim received her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from San Jose State University in 2017. Through volunteering at various physical therapy clinics, she discovered a passion for helping others through exercise. This catapulted her interest to pursue a career in physical therapy. She volunteered at the Veterans of Affairs Hospital in Palo Alto and had the opportunity to observe therapists work with patients with spinal cord injuries. One of the most memorable memories as a volunteer at the VA was watching a patient use the ReWalk bionic walking assistant.

She also had the opportunity to at be a volunteer in the Adapted Physical Activity program at De Anza College. She assisted individuals with intellectual disabilities to promote physical activity in fun and interactive ways. Through her experiences, she learned to appreciate physical activity and the ability to learn about ways to improve people’s quality of care through exercise, compassion and trust.

When she is not busy with school one of her favorite things to do is to play with her dogs. She enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, playing basketball and volleyball with friends. She’s also at home catching up on TV shows on Netflix.

Currently, Kim is preparing to apply for physical therapy school this year.

Zade Elmowafi

Zade graduated from San Francisco State University and received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Kinesiology in 2015.  He’s a native in the Bay Area and resides in Redwood City. Zade is an avid soccer player and invests much of his time playing and coaching soccer. He’s always been involved in athletics which is one of the reasons his interest in sports medicine and becoming a physical therapist continues to grow. One quote that he lives by: “It’s not about being the best. It’s about being better than you were yesterday.”

Zade experienced rehab, first hand, when he sustained several soccer injuries playing in college. His mother is an occupational therapist and is the main motivating factor for him to pursue physical therapy. Zade volunteered his time during the summers working at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital and witnessed the quality care, focus and dedication it took to rehab patients back to their functional, healthy lives.

Currently, Zade is preparing to apply to physical therapy school.

During his free time, Zade enjoys lifting weights, traveling to new places, listening to music and watching movies or TV series.

Jayden Sisang

Jayden graduated from San Jose State University in 2018, receiving a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology with emphasis in Rehabilitation Sciences. Initially enrolled in the Athletic Training program and serving a clinical rotation with SJSU Football, Jayden realized his love for empowering athletes and regular patients alike. This passion was further reinforced by an internship with the Timpany Center, a therapeutic aquatics facility which boasts one of the only public warmed pools in the Bay Area. Jayden  helped develop exercise programs and routines for  stroke patients and this service continues to fuel his desire to grow in the field of patient care and rehabilitation.

Health and fitness have always been a life staple for Jayden, and so he is currently looking into PT schools and other programs within healthcare to fulfill his eagerness to continue life-long learning. He also plans to earn a certification in Strength and Conditioning to supplement his interest in weight lifting.

On his down time, Jayden enjoys reading novels, longs walks on the beach, dance, and photography. He also manages the kitchen of a popular Pokè restaurant, and shamelessly advertises it to patients.

Denisse Torres

Danielle McCarthy

Dr. Ching took the time to really understand what was causing my pain and accurately diagnosed the knee joint problem. He was very thorough and educated me about what was happening inside my knee – he knows his subjects extremely well. I went to him instead of an Orthopedic doctor because I was worried someone would recommend surgery which I wanted to avoid – I’m glad I went to Dr. Ching because I don’t need surgery to correct this.”
Johanna F.
“Deanne Smith has sold me on the value of physical therapy, but I feel what she has taught me in the process of my healing has already proven to be a great enhancement to my life and to my future. She has taught me to manage nerve damage and chronic pain that otherwise would make me want to give up and spend too much time thinking about my boo boos. What I like best about Deanne is that she knows how to treat the whole person–and she is good at it.”
Teresa C.
“Deanne Smith has sold me on the value of physical therapy, but I feel what she has taught me in the process of my healing has already proven to be a great enhancement to my life and to my future. She has taught me to manage nerve damage and chronic pain that otherwise would make me want to give up and spend too much time thinking about my boo boos. What I like best about Deanne is that she knows how to treat the whole person–and she is good at it.”
Teresa C.

Our Greatest Reward Is Knowing That What We Do Best Transforms Lives Towards A Renewed Zest For Living Pain Free.