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Insurance Info

Consumers have direct access to physical therapy. This means that you are able to schedule physical therapy evaluations and follow up treatments directly with us without needing a physician referral or prescription. Some health insurance plans may require or recommend a physician referral or prescription for physical therapy evaluation and treatment. Please contact your health insurance provider to verify your eligibility and benefits for out-patient physical therapy services. We will verify your insurance benefits with your insurance provider prior to your initial visit with us. We understand that getting the right information from your insurance provider may be confusing, so feel free to contact us at 650-261-0330 for any insurance related questions and we will guide you through the process.

If you plan to “Self-Pay” for physical therapy services, you do not need a physician referral or prescription for physical therapy evaluation and treatment. We will assess your need for physical therapy and provide you with the appropriate treatment(s) necessary to resolve your condition. We will also communicate with your physician regarding your physical therapy care and progression of treatment.

We are providers for many insurance carriers. Please contact our office regarding which insurance plans may be covered as an in-network and out-of-network benefit towards receiving treatment at our office.


Getting the right answers and follow up from my insurance company was frustrating and confusing. Advance Physical Therapy took care of everything I needed to ensure that I was covered appropriately so I didn’t have to worry about coverage and claim authorization Thanks so much for your superb care and service. I could better focus on healing and not worry about insurance paperwork.
Mark S.

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