Orthopedic Manual Therapy

We are an orthopedic manual therapy clinic that provides advanced diagnostic assessments and hands-on treatment techniques that quickly resolves pain and dysfunction.  Our unique approach improves skeletal, muscle, tendon, joint, myofascial, vascular, lymphatic and nerve function essential for optimal tissue healing.

Our model of treatment is based on a dynamic structural assessment of the musculoskeletal system. Our evaluation process integrates a thorough patient history and physical examination along with specific hands-on movement analysis of muscle, joint, tendon, fascia, nerve and bone structures in order to identify the cause(s) of pain and dysfunction.  We combine highly specific palpation and mobilization techniques and implement a unique medical exercise therapy (M.E.T.) program in order to diagnose and treat soft tissue and joint structures.

Our manual therapy approach focuses on:

  • resolving pain in fewer visits
  • increasing pain free range of motion
  • eliminating soft tissue tension
  • eliminating joint inflammation
  • optimizing joint mobility and joint stability
  • restoring normal movement patterns
  • improving general fitness and preventive wellness
  • quick return to work, sports and activities of daily living

Medical Exercise Therapy

Medical Exercise Therapy (M.E.T.) involves a series of highly specific “dosed” exercises tailored to the type of injury and movement dysfunction you may have. Our exercise treatment combines a prescribed number of sets, repetition, resistance level and positional set up necessary to allow injured tissue to heal quickly. We can achieve quick and effective tissue healing by improving the tissue’s vascularity, coordination, endurance, strength, power and speed through our system of exercise prescription. Every tissue needs to be treated with a highly specific exercise progression that requires the right amount of dosed resistance, frequency and body or joint positioning to allow for its collagen fibers to regenerate effectively. We provide an evidence-based medical exercise system that utilizes specialized gym equipment and state of the art pulleys to optimize tissue repair and quickly restore pain free function.

Our greatest reward is knowing that what we do best transforms lives and provides a renewed zest for living pain free.